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In 2001 a small Seed company in Iowa contracted two software developers right out of college to develop a custom business management solution. We initially envisioned a quick summer job to define the rules of a seed business and build the software. Needless to say we were in over our head, knowing nothing about the seed industry and the near impossible task of assigning rules to such a business model. The initial software was called AgWare and was the seed that has grown into SeedWare today.

17 years later we are now on the 7th major version of SeedWare. After years working in seed business offices, on the warehouse floor, and soaking up the nuances of every rule and exception, SeedWare has evolved. We now offer a full software solution that encompasses inventory managment, ordering and sales, shipping, reporting, financial calculations, audit reporting, discounts and sales programs, and online dealer tools.

Our individual skill sets cover a combined total of 30+ years of Windows development, Web development, and full stack server side engineering. All while working primarily in the agriculture industry.

If you are looking for software to streamline your day to day business operations we would enjoy the opportunity to show you SeedWare in detail. We are always excited to meet new companies working in our field, to see the similarities between business models but mostly to see how other groups handle situations we haven't encountered before. Each feature or expansion to SeedWare that we make helps us to understand the seed industry better. If you are interested, we would like to grow our businesses together.

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