Inventory / Production

The foundation of any Seed Business is the product you offer as well as the service you provide.  Improved ability to do accurate production planning, supply projection, and realtime availability are just a few of the things SeedWare can offer.  Do you want to know exactly what you have in your warehouse(s) at any second and how much is spoken for?  SeedWare has you covered.

Orders / Shipping

We understand that in a Seed Business an order is a moving target.  We provide tools to manage orders and can even allow dealers to place their own orders.  SeedWare keeps everything within the bounds of your availability, allocations, and sales programs.  SeedWare does all of that in real time, and if there are supply issues, SeedWare has tools to help with substitutions and shipping.

Reports / Audits

With over 40 reports available, SeedWare offers you the ability to filter, sort, and view information in innumerable ways.  You will have greater insight into your business so you can track problems as they happen rather than finding them after it is too late.  And when you have to prepare data for GPOS audits, SeedWare makes the task easy.

Financials / Discounts

SeedWare provides an extensive set of discount types and sales program options.  Base discounts for individual roles, volume, historical increase, early order, early cash, and others are available in any number of combinations.  You set the rules; SeedWare enforces them in real time.  Budgets can also be set for sales programs to allow Sales users to use, but will keep those units or dollars within your set boundaries.  SeedWare even defines how every product, charge, credit, adjustment, etc is categorized for export to your accounting software.

Support / Training

SeedWare is a large program intended to cover all business needs throughout the year.  When you work with SeedWare we will be there to walk you through every step of SeedWare with guided setup, extensive training, and weekly progress meetings through your first year.  Whatever question you may have, we take pride that we are always available.

Available Wherever You Are

The SeedWare Sales platform, available to your sales force, is accessable from any device with a web browser.  Empower your users to manage customers, check product availabilty, place orders, handle shipments, collect signatures, track inventory, and generate reports and invoices.  Sales users become self sufficent with all the information they need at their fingertips, lowering call volume, data entry and mailings from the office.  A win-win for everyone.