Welcome to SeedWare. SeedWare is a software suite that provides tools for managing every aspect of your seed business. Whether you're a small business or a regional powerhouse SeedWare has the features you require in your day to day business. Over the next month SeedWare.net will begin to showcase one of the most powerful managment tools in the seed industry. With a Windows based client application, dealer web portal, and handheld mobile interface, SeedWare works wherever you are, providing access to the realtime information you need.

Need to track inventory, restrict sales through allocations, handle orders, shipments, and returns? Or maybe look at financials, generate realtime statements, follow up to the second account receivables? SeedWare has you covered, and in addition gain access to over 40 reports with filtering options that allow you to pull exactly the data you need.

With SeedWare you'll have the ability to provide your customers with access to their data in real time. Using the web portal or mobile interface your customers will be able to place their own orders and shipments. Enter new customer contacts, and lookup their own data through online reports.

All of this exists in one package, one system that will streamline your entire business from start to finish.

Please come back soon to see exactly what SeedWare has to offer.